• March 23, 2023

What is Tech Imposter About?

Tech Imposter is here to help you understand difficult Software Engineering and PHP concepts.

I know how overwhelming it can be to learn these concepts. I’ve been there. The first time I learned about functions, I thought I had to be a genius to become a software engineer. But after some time and patience, I started to understand the concepts better and now I’m confident enough to say that anyone can do this as long as they put in the time!

I founded TechImposter because I want you to feel confident that you can become a software engineer as long as you put the time in. Getting a job in software engineering is overwhelming. I want you to get over your imposter syndrome, by breaking concepts down into ELI5 articles (Explain Like I’m 5) where everything is explained with examples, diagrams, and code snippets so that even if you’re new to programming or have no idea what’s going on, it will all make sense!

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